Rats in The Ranks (2020)

Started by Administrator, May 23, 2022, 03:00 PM

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Rats in The Ranks (2020)
by Brendon O'Connell

Have you ever wondered why information stays "inert" on the internet and never goes anywhere politically?

Ever wondered why it is "bankers" don't get mentioned much anymore? Its all dialectic "leftist" and "Communist". Ever wonder why you never seem to get the full picture? How can Trump clean out the swamp when he is surrounded by swamp creatures? The swamp is deep, fetid and full of rats. Lets out a few. Roger Stone, Tranny Porn and "Big" Lenny.

In part 2 of 3 we return to Roger Stones friends, growth Hormone experiments, steroid, XTC and cocaine dealing.

We explore Kissinger as a high level Communist and his involvement in the assassination of Jack Kennedy and his current presence in the White House.

We note Steve Bannon going after Kissinger in April 2020, 10 weeks later Kissinger is in the White House and two weeks later Bannon was indicted. What gives?

We go into the King of the Cherry Marines – high level closet homosexuals and communists within the US armed forces – General Al Gray. We note that Robert David Steele ghost wrote books for General Al Gray and explore Steele's former high level positions within the Marine Corp and NATO psychological warfare operations. Perhaps this explains his willingness to poison important subjects like child sex trafficking with tales of children being kidnapped and taken to Mars as sex slaves?

We note Steele and Roger Stone's meeting at Washington D.C restaurants to discuss "global strategy".

In part 3 of 3 in the series we look into the US election and links between NATO/Marine and Israeli psychological warfare companies and Roger Stone, Paul Mannafort and Robert David Steele which should have you asking serious questions about a whole host of online alleged dissident personalities.

We look into the final plan and what to look out for as we approach the finale of the next ten years and Agenda 2030.

I was banned from You Tube for one week for "Inappropriate Content". Others got the message, "Online Harassment, Bullying." It's possible Whitney WEBB made a complaint about highlighting her father as a millionaire corporate lawyer property developer in intelligence country, Sarasota, Florida – Richard WEBB IV. Danial Hopsicker made a two part article on Whitney WEBB and Mint Press News and George WEBB managed to convince Hopsicker to take it down, claiming Whitney WEBB'S publisher was Hopsickers publisher. Whitney WEBB is a PUBLIC FIGURE and her father is a VERY public high end corporate lawyer involved in property deals in the tens of millions. Highlighting Whitney WEBB'S behavior, associations and FAMILY CONNECTIONS is NEWSWORTHY and IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.

George WEBB is a CLOSE associate of NATO/Marine headquarters psychological warfare officer Robert David STEELE. Have you worked it out yet? Robert STEELE is a close associate of Roger STONE. Roger STONE is a close associate of Marine General and owner of Dynology, General James JONES. Robert STEELE worked for the top of the "Cherry" Marines General Al GRAY (Kay Griggs Talks), founder of the Marine Intelligence University and king of the closet homosexual sexual compromise Marines.

I suspect however the ban was more to do with transgender issues. But let us see if Whitney has some pull like Joseph DAVIES, nephew to high level intelligence operative, Skull & Bones, FedEx, Fred Smith.

If we don't clean out the rats, the limited hang outs, the martian child kidnapping claims, flat earth and lizard theories we will all be locked in the Smart Gulags wondering what happened? If we do not see the white nationalist movement for what it is – an Israeli operation designed to keep Jewish Communities in fear, we will never get sincere people together.

The privatized army intelligence data analytic and manipulation companies employ tens of thousands...and no one can work out why we don't get anywhere? Why we are constantly misdirected – encouraged to stay online and NEVER lobby politically or clean up the act and focus on military, policing and intelligence people? We cant work it out?

I will do a full run down on the rats nest. It is VERY "reasonable" speculation that these social network connections are no accident.

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