The Holographic Disclosure (2012)

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The Holographic Disclosure (2012), is a film created by Secret Key Activator Productions. This film explores the origin of life and the secrets of energy, reality, and religion. It also shows you the deeper meanings of certain words and how words and languages are used to condition your mind and shape your reality.

For example, the film explains why the biblical story of Adam and Eve is not really a story about the first man and woman. Instead, it is a story about the birth of the physical reality. When The Bible talks about Adam, it is not always referring to a man, because the deeper meaning of the name Adam has to do with the first atom (atomic particle). Hence, the two words "adam/atom". As for Eve, it is referring to the dawn of creation or the coming of the light.

My comprehension of The Bible is that it is a book filled with symbolic codes and parables. If you read The Bible or any popular "holy book" without comprehending the codes, metaphors, and hidden meanings behind it, you will never know what it is truly trying to tell you. In other words, the stories and words in The Bible do not mean what you have been conditioned to believe.

Once you learn how to decipher The Bible and other holy books (i.e., The Quran), you will know that the stories in these books contain symbolic codes and metaphors that are associated with astrology and ancient wisdom. The Bible does contain a lot of truth, but if you read it like a regular book without comprehending the symbolic codes behind it, you are not reading content of truth but are reading content of deception.

The authors of The Bible were minions of the Dark Magicians (the Controllers) who knew how to use the art of word magic. They purposely added symbolic codes and parables into The Bible and other "holy books" to deceive you. However, if you learn how to decipher their codes and parables, you will know what the stories in their "holy books" actually mean.

For more information on how the Dark Magicians use word magic to deceive you, read my empowering article titled How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells. Even better, download or view my fourth seminar titled Word Magic and the Power of Words and study the information in it.

Please be aware that by including the videos in this article does not mean that I agree with all the information in them. However, I am aware of most of the information in the videos and I do agree with a lot of it. My advice is to watch the videos with an open mind and use your feelings and critical thinking skills to help you discern them. Take the information that resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

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