Today's There is Only Two Types of people...

Started by Administrator, May 21, 2022, 09:28 PM

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Today's There is Only Two Types of people...

01.] People that are awake and educating themselves to a higher level of consciousness.

02.] People that are not awake. However, it is my finding that the majority of these types of people are most certainly awake. They choose to play as if they don't know what's going on, because they're part of this criminal Masonic network. Multigenerational 'born-to-be' Masonic chosen ones..., you know what I mean, the ones with the right gematria in their birth names. European descendants of all races and genders..., the Masonic Hillbillies running your Rothschild government shakedown 'Zip Code' tax animal farms. Federal, State, County, City & Township are all the same Masonic Global Mafia, here only to harass and bleed you dry from taxation and asset stripping. All made possible through the City of London's United States branch of Central Bank Usury, the 'Federal Reserve System' = 322 (Francis Bacon). Usury is from the parasite handbook of 'Judaism' = 322 (Satanic). Gematria is the hidden half of the English Language they don't want you to know. These secret numerical ciphers were encoded at the time of the creation of the modern day English alphabet. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a piece of Masonic lying monkey shit or a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy mafia member. Fucking 'BANK' = 322 (Squares), on that!

Until we end the USURY of the Federal Reserve System, your government tyranny will only increase.

This is the ONLY thing you need to know...
...The ONLY thing!