The O’Connell Report: The Morgenthau & Kissinger Plan – Agenda 2030 (2022.05.04)

The O’Connell Report:

The Morgenthau & Kissinger Plan – Agenda 2030

First published on May 04, 2022

The O’Connell Report No. 131

We go into Putin going after his Kissinger & Associates handlers. Particularly Vladislav Surkov, the man who applied the Kissinger ‘Great Game’ of funding ALL SIDES of the political spectrum to give the “appearance” of a vibrant democracy. All the while, it was pure visual theater for the entertainment of the masses. Sound familiar BLM v Proud Boys and on and on? Charlottseville? Jan 6? Pure spectacle. Organized by their IIA assets like Alex Jones and Dr David Duke.

If you ever wanted the template for breaking up the United States, look no further than Heinz Kissinger’s good friend and mentor Hans Morgenthau.

In 1944, Morgenthau and Harry Dexter White wrote up the plan for the total dismantling of Germany into two parts. One northern and one southern region. Sound familiar? They called for the total de-industrialization of Germany to be turned into a agricultural backwater which would conservatively starve 4 million Germans and leave 30 million out of work and in soup kitchens – sound familiar?

Do you know of any Israeli P.M who said in 1990 (and before) that they will turn America into a giant welfare state?

Then President Roosevelt signed off on the plan – enthusiastically. Why wouldn’t he? He was a full time socialist and was surrounded by hard core communists and Soviet Agents. Like the ones below, assisting Mao…

All the above were part of the Soviet espionage group – The Silvermaster Spy Ring. And Kissinger was a hairs breadth away from their core members. In fact, Kissinger was the next generation of that same group. How can this mainstream history NOT be taught in American schools? The same network operates today. They built up the Soviet Union, Communist China and of course the emerging Federated States of Greater Israel.

Is the Morgenthau Plan in operation in Ukraine and will it come to America? It’s already here, operating since 1973 when Kissinger sent American heavy industry to China.

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